Full Mouth Debridement

Full Mouth Debridement

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If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while you may need a full mouth reconstruction if your lack of professional care has impeded your teeth and gums. Without proper daily oral hygiene and regular cleanings, excessive amounts of plaque and tartar can build up.

Also referred to as full mouth debridement, we will deep clean your mouth to remove as much of the plaque and tartar as possible. A regular tooth cleaning procedure is normally more than enough to help keep your teeth clean and healthy, but we may suggest a full mouth


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after a full mouth debridement?

A few weeks after your full mouth debridement, your gums will have healed and most inflammation will subside. Your gums may be a little sore right after the debridement since we clear them of any plaque and tartar, but any discomfort can be easily diminished with pain-relieving medicine.

You might need to come back for a second followup appointment so we can get any remaining plaque or tartar removed. Dr. Semaan will let you know if this is necessary after your first treatment.

Does full mouth debridement hurt?

A full mouth debridement generally is an easy treatment that doesn’t cause too much pain. We also offer sedation dentistry to help patients feel more relaxed and at ease for the procedure.

Oral cleaning is a procedure that generally doesn’t hurt. There isn’t any real pain when food debris and plaque are removed and teeth are brushed thoroughly.

Why do I need a full mouth debridement?

A debridement is a procedure to remove large amounts of tartar on teeth. It’s necessary when tooth structures are so deeply covered with plaque and calculus that we can’t check for decay, infections, or gum disease.

Dr. Semaan will discuss with you the entire treatment process during your initial consultation to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in choosing our practice.

Benefits of Full Mouth Debridement

Teeth cleaning is a crucial part of your oral health, but if you fail to maintain good hygiene habits, your teeth and gums will suffer in the future. Here at our Beverly Hills practice, we can help restore your overall oral health through full mouth debridement.

This treatment offers great advantages including:

  • Brighter Teeth: Smoking, wine, tea, and coffee can all lead to discolored teeth. With our treatments, these stains can be prevented or reduced with the help of routine teeth cleanings.
  • Tooth Loss Prevention: If you live with gum disease and avoid treatment, it can spread and damage your jawbone. This can lead to bone loss which will loosen your teeth and result in tooth loss. So, with regular teeth cleanings and good oral hygiene, you can avoid this.
  • Cavity Prevention: Plaque is one of the many reasons for tooth decay. If plaque isn’t properly removed at regular dental checkups, the build-up could result in cavities and deterioration of the enamel.
  • Improved Health: Numerous studies have determined a link between overall health and oral health. Regular teeth cleanings performed by Dr. Semaan can result in better overall wellness.

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